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Veranstaltungstitel Intention, Action, Responsibility. A Reading of Anscombe`s "Intention"
Kennzeichen 50357
Veranstaltungsart Seminar
Fachgruppe Philosophie
Semester Winter 2021
Dozent(en) Andrea Giananti
Empfehlung(en) Studiensemester 5. Semester (P&E Bachelor)
Bereich(e) P4*: Erkenntnistheorie II
P6.v: Theoretische Philosophie


In this Seminar we will consider three main questions:


1) What does it mean to do something intentionally?


2) How do we know about our own intentions and actions?


3) Under what conditions is one responsible for what one does?


We will take as our starting point Anscombe’s seminal text Intention. We will then discuss important papers inspired by her work, the socio-political implications of her views (in particular with respect to Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bombs), and we will conclude by considering empirical challenges to the notion of responsibility.


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