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Veranstaltungstitel The Many Shades of Beliefs
Kennzeichen 50042
Veranstaltungsart Blockseminar
Fachgruppe Philosophie
Semester Sommer 2022
Dozent(en) Lena Kästner
Empfehlung(en) Studiensemester 2. Semester (P&E Bachelor)
4. Semester (P&E Bachelor)
6. Semester (P&E Bachelor)
Bereich(e) P6.viii: Andere Gebiete der Philosophie
P4*: Erkenntnistheorie II
P6.v: Theoretische Philosophie


Ascriptions of beliefs are not only a key element of conscious experience but also important to understand, explain and predict the behavior of intelligent agents. As such, beliefs are of great philosophical and psychological interest. But what exactly are beliefs? And why do we believe (in) something? What happens, if belief formation may goes wrong and we end up with contradictory beliefs, delusions, or beliefs in conspiracies? What is the status of religious belief or faith?

These are some of the questions we are going to explore throughout this course. Our goal will be to better understand the nature of beliefs by investigating their many shades and distortions. We will delve into recent discussions of beliefs, faith, and delusions from philosophical, anthropological, biological and clinical perspectives. Students are expected to engage with materials from the various relevant fields.


Please register for this course by sending an email to with subject "Registration Beliefs Course UBT".

There will be a preparatory session on May 25th 2022, 2-3:30pm.

Erfordernisse zum Punkteerwerb

presentation in class + final essay

Zugehörige Termine
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Fri. 10.06.2022 - Sun. 12.06.2022 S 6, GW II
Wed. 25.05.2022 preparatory session (room tba)